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Mutanza scempio 3

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Compasso's third single-tempo galliard variation
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 Zoppetti (click link for discussion, translations) are little hops with one foot raised. 

  1. hop on the right foot, with the left foot raised in front
  2. hop on the right foot again, left still raised
  3. hop on the right again, left still raised
  4. hop on the right again, left still raised
  5. cadenza - jump
  6. land on both feet (right foot in front)


  1. hop on the left foot, with the right raised in front
  2. hop likewise on the left
  3. left hop again
  4. left hop again
  5. cadenza - jump
  6. land on both feet (left foot in front)

These mutanze - and others with them, if you're doing more - are done slowly circling around your dancing-space: "going around the room".



Style in the Zoppetti

Zoppetti can be done with the foot raised to the front, back, or side. I've assumed it's raised in front, as nothing else is specified: however, other options (or a variety in one tempo) are also pleasing.

I tend to leave the foot hanging in front, with relatively little motion through the four hops; it can also be pleasing to kick out with each zoppetto.

This step might be a good subject for ornamentation with, say, a tremolante (shaking the foot). 

I considered whether all four Zoppetti should be on the one side, or whether they should alternate feet within the one tempo. The latter case (hop on the right foot kicking the left, then on the left kicking the right, etc) seems to me indistinguishable from the plain cinquepasso, which Compasso refers to elsewhere (number 6 is li cinque passo caminati intorno la sala  - the cinquepasso going around the room).

Alternating feet

This mutanze, like many from Compasso, doesn't seem to allow for the usual 'rule' that the foot that is in front on the fourth beat lands behind in the cadenza, and then goes to the front for the first movement of the next mutanze.

The underlying rule, however, is symmetry: what's done on the left should be repeated on the right. That's not hard to manage with Compasso, but it sometimes requires a little re-training of the feet, if one's practiced much with variations from Arbeau.

Condensed version, for calling: 

Going around the room, hopping on the left foot:

  1. hop
  2. hop
  3. hop
  4. hop
  5. jump
  6. land

And on the right

  1. hop
  2. hop
  3. hop
  4. hop
  5. jump
  6. land
About this translation: 

Katherine Davies, 2016.


Zoppetti (hops) going around the room.


3. Li zoppetti far intorno alla sala.