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To learn hard mutanze: record a calling track for myself

I'm trying to work the man's mutanze from the passamezzo in Caroso's Il Ballarino into my feet, and the words to call it them into my brain, so that I can teach them.

I find it hard to learn both at once, so this is a useful technique for me.

  1. experiment enough that I have a plan for how I think the rhythm goes write down a plan for calling that, including each beat and rest
  2. record myself calling to the music - I usually call every second repeat, so I have time to breath, and/or dance passeggio, between mutanze
  3. practice dancing to my own calling
  4. revise rhythm and calling pattern as needed, rinse and repeat
  5. begin to experiment with subtle alterations to the rhythm (moving beats by a fraction, anticipating and delaying for style rather than moving an action to another beat entirely) with the on-beat calling track to keep me from getting lost

So far so good. If I keep making these and finding them useful, I'll put them up online.