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Gagliarde from Compasso

Compasso published the first book on galliards, in 1560.

Most of the book is a long series of mutanze, or variations, divided into sections according to how long they are - mutanze scempie, which take one tempo; mutanze doppie, which take two; and finally le Mutanze piu difficili et piu belle à quatro à cinque e sei tempi l'una - the most difficult and most beautiful variations, each taking four, five or six tempi. There is a short section at the end explaining how to perform several of the steps.

I have assumed that each of the listed mutanze is intended to end with a cadenza: the classic jump (on the fifth beat) and landing (on the sixth) that mark the end of a galliard variation. Compasso doesn't list these explicitly. 

Compasso mentions many steps that he doesn't define. Luckily, most are described well in other sixteenth century Italian dance manuals.