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Galliard for four for the Winter Warm-up, 2016

Also known as: 

Gagliarda in quattro

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About this choreography: 
Choreography by Katherine Davies, 2016, based on renaissance manuals, including those by Compasso, Lupi and Arbeau.

Four dancers start in a semi-circle, roughly, facing audience. Begin and end together; between each will in turn do a mutanza while the other three dance passeggio.

Music: Each phrase has 4 tempi, and is played twice: AABB - 16 tempi altogether. 

First time: opening honours

  • A    Riverenza, 2 continenze 
  • A'   4 tempi of cinquepasso, all circling to clockwise round the dancing space
  • B    all do passeggio for B - 2 seguiti, continenza, finto
  • B'   3 do B' passeggio, left-most begins advance for Mutanza

Mutanze: (start at left hand end and finish at right hand end of set)

  • on B': Introduction: 4 tempi of gagliarda, moving into dancing space
  • on A: mutanza  of 4 tempi
  • on A': repeat mutanza on other side, or another 4 tempi to conclude 
  • on B: retreat to right-most end of set, with four tempi
  • on B': join normal passeggio with others


  • A and A': 3 seguiti ordinarii left, right, left, finto right; repeat for A'
  • B: 2 seguiti LR then continenza left, finto right  
    • OR: (after solo - retreat to right end of line)
  • B': 2 seguiti LR then slow turn left  
    • OR: (start your mutanza - opening honours / entry)
    • OR: (after your solo - closing honours)

Final verse

  • 4 cinquepassi, circling with partner, holding right hands
  • 4 cinquepassi, circling with partner, holding left hands
  • 4 cinquepassi fermati per fianco (in place, to left and right in turn, all four the same)
  • closing honours: 2 continenze, riverenza

Mutanze (A, A')

A parts - choose at will from Compasso, Arbeau, and others. Need units of  4 tempi (one or two of them).

Example 1


  1. cinquepasso forwards, R
  2. 2 balzi left, 2 beats of campanella, cadenza
  3. 2 balzi right, 2 beats of campanella, cadenza
  4. cinquepasso turning

A' repeat A starting on other side

Example 2


  1. 4 hops to left, cadenza
  2. campanella turning to left, cadenza
  3. sottopiede in reccaciata to right, cadenza
  4. punta e calcagno L (no cadenza)

A' repeat A starting on other side

But final punta e calcagnio is 3 beats, then close, and cadenza. 

Example 3

  1. cinquepasso in place, flank to left
  2. cinquepasso in place, flank to right
  3. molinello
  4. finto R


  1. hop-step-close-spaccata
  2. passo indietro (turn to face behind) - finto
  3. kick left sideways, left foot to right calf, right sideways, right foot to calf, cadenza
  4. zurlo (end facing forwards) spaccata

Retreats (B)

Example retreats

  • 4 cinquepasso circling dance space
  • 2 tempi of riprese in sottopiesde, retreating, 2 tempi of scorsi, circling in place
  • 2 tempi of scorsi in figure 8, 2 slow steps retreating into place
  • 2 slow steps retreating into place, 2 cinquepassi fermati per fianco OR 2 cinquepassi circling in place

Katherina's solo:

  • B: normal passeggio: 2 seguiti, continenza, finto
  • B: circle dancing space - 4 tempi, each being 4 zoppetti on one foot then cadenza
  • A
    1. cinquepasso per fianco left (kick: forwards, back, forwards, forwards)
    2. repeat to right
    3. kick left, step left, close right, zurlo clockwise
    4. kick right, step right, close left, spaccata per fianco
  • A'
  1. molinello turning L
  2. molinello turning R
  3. campanella L with left flank forwards
  4. campanella R with right flank forwards
  • B
    1. 4 zoppetti L, cadenza 
    2. 4 zoppetti R, cadenza - these two tempi circling back to right end of line
    3. punta e calcagio L
    4. punta e calcagio R
  • B' . Usual B' passeggio




    Written for the Winter Warm-up 2016, for performance by Edit, Patrick, David and Katherine.


    La Traditore, as in Arbeau, 6 times.