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Mutanza scempio 1

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This appears to be the "plain sinkapace" - the basic galliard, as given in many sources.

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Compasso's first single-tempo galliard variation
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About this choreography: 
Katherine Davies, 2016, with discussion in class.

Start standing with the weight on both feet, the right a little in front of the left. 

  1. kick left
  2. kick right
  3. kick left
  4. kick right
  5. jump
  6. land, left foot in front


  1. kick right
  2. kick left
  3. kick right
  4. kick left
  5. jump
  6. land, right foot in front

You could equally start with the "reverse" - begin with the left foot in front and kick the right foot first.

This is done on the spot, facing your partner if you have one.



Compasso doesn't describe this in any detail: I assume he's referring the basic pattern of kicks called the cinque passo.

I don't understand the significance of his writing "cinque tempi" where I would expect "cinque passi" - perhaps something different is intended after all.

Condensed version, for calling: 
  1. kick
  2. kick
  3. kick
  4. kick
  5. jump
  6. land
About this translation: 

Katherine Davies, 2016


The five tempi, in place.


1. Li cinque tempi fermi.