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Woman 6

Dance Type: 
Part of choreography: 

Passo Mezo (Ballarino)

About this translation: 

Katherine Davies, 2004, updated 2016

About this reconstruction: 

Katherine Davies, 2016

  bar step text (translated) notes
  1  puntata L She will do a Puntata forwards with the left foot,   
3  fioretto R and two fioretti, beginning with the right;     
4 fioretto L   
  5 trabucchetto R  and then she will do three trabuchetti gravi, beginning with the right:      I have these trabucchetti gravi seeming to come at the same pace as trabucchetti presti in her fourth mutanza. 
6  trabuchetto L
7  trabuchetto R 
  9 spezzato L   then she will do two Seguiti spezzati turning to the left  
11  spezzato R  
  13 trabucchetto L    with a Trabuchetto facing,    
15 balzetto R, even feet  

 and immediately lowering  the right foot to the ground,

she will finish the mutanza with a Balzetto with even feet to the right.