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Long passamezzo recording

I have several lovely recordings of Caroso's passamezzo music, but none that are long enough for his dance. No more!

I've digitally altered the track Dolce Amoroso Fuoco from the CD Il Ballarino by the Broadside Band. (Dolce Amoroso Fuoco is a choreography by Caroso that uses the same music that he uses for his passamezzo choreography.)

Caroso's music is 32 bars long, but falls (as one would expect of a passamezzo) neatly into two 16-bar strains, with each chord lasting four bars. Each mutanza or passeggio takes one strain of 16 bars. The whole choreography takes 9 repeats of the music (so 18 strains of 16 bars each, each long enough for one mutanza).

Dolce Amoroso Fuoco requires only four repeats of the music - ABCD.

I now have a nine-repeat, five-minute version - ABC BC ABCD - for dancing Caroso's choreography; and a 40-repeat, 25-minute version - (ABC BC ABCD)x5 - for extended practice.