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Woman 5

Dance Type: 
Part of choreography: 

Passo Mezo (Ballarino)

About this translation: 

Katherine Davies, 2004, updated 2016

About this reconstruction: 

Katherine Davies, 2016

  bar step text (translated) notes
  1 fioretto L or passo L She will do two Fioretti forwards, and if she doesn’t know how to do those, she will do two Passi, 

It's not immediately apparent whether the passi alone are taken to replace the fioretti, since the trabucchetti are described as grave

They still seem to come at the same pace as the trabucchetti presti in her fourth mutanza.

2 fioretto R or passo R
3 trabucchetto L  and two Trabuchetti gravi
4 trabucchetto R 
  5 spezzato L   with a Seguito Spezzato, beginning with the left foot:   
7 riverenza R    then turning in prospetiva to the left, she will do a Riverenza with the right,  
  9  spezzato R

and with the same foot she will turn to the right,

and will finish the Mutanza with two Seguiti Spezzati, 

These two spezzati turning around to the right?   
11 spezzato L
  13  trabucchetto R and three Trabuchetti facing in time to the music.      
14  trabucchetto L  
15 trabucchetto R