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Term 3 Class 3

We continued many things we danced last week, and added some new ones.

In the first hour we danced:

  • Branles - circle dances
    • Scots branles (or "Branles de l'Escosse")
    • Washerwomen's branle (or "Branle des Lavandieres")
    • Pinagay
  • 15th Century Italian dances
    • Petit Riens (follow-the-leader dance for three people in a line)
    • Colonesse (for three couples - the first time doing this dance for two dancers)
    • Anello (for four people in a square)
  • Old Measures - stately dances for couples in a column

In the second hour, we did several more challenging dances, as usual:

  • Colonesse - again
  • Lioncello Vecchio - a 15th century Italian dance for a couple
  • La Figlia di Guglielmino - a complex 15th century Italian dance for a couple, with many timing-changes
  • St Martin's - a slightly more challenging 17th century English Country Dance - we worked this one out from the original text as we danced.

Another excellent evening of dancing.


Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
August 10, 2017