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Class 2 term 1

An excellent evening.

  • Marchesana
  • Barcellonne
  • Colonesse
  • Passamezzo


New last week to all of us, new to several people tonight. We tweaked the spacing in the circling (see this blog post) and it worked beautifully.


It's been ages (years) since we've done any 15thC French Basse Danse. I chose Barcellonne because I have a nice recording for it, and because it's regular: 3131 (medium-small-medium-small, all measures very perfect).


An old favourite, to round out the first hour.

Passamezzo (Il Ballarino)

First or second passamezzo class for most people (a few of us have done it rather more).

We began by covering the same sequence as last week: passeggio, first and second mutanza for the woman, and then a simple passamezzo for couples using only those mutanze.

Then some harder stuff!

  • man's passeggio
  • man's third mutanza
  • man's first mutanza

The man's third mutanza is regular, but has lots of fioretto. The man's first mutanza is very challenging: difficult steps, lots of them, no repeating pattern. I'm delighted to say that we made it to the end, with the music, but it will definitely need more work in coming weeks. What a high to end the session!




Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
February 16, 2017