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Term 3 Class 1

An excellent start to the term, and best of all, two new dancers (hello! you dance very well!).

In the first hour we danced:

  • Branles - circle dances
    • Scots branles (or "Branles de l'Escosse")
    • Washerwomen's branle (or "Branle des Lavandieres")
    • Pinagay
  • Old Measures - stately dances for couples in a column
  • 15th Century Italian dances
    • Petit Riens (follow-the-leader dance for three people in a line)
    • Anello (for four people in a square)
  • Jenny Pluck Pears (an English Country Dance, from the 17th century, for 3 couples in a circle)

In the second hour, as did several more challenging dances, as usual:

  • Lioncello Vecchio - a 15th century Italian dance for a couple
  • La Figlia di Guglielmino - a complex 15th century Italian dance for a couple, with many timing-changes
  • Heart's Ease - a simple 17thC English Country Dance ... but with the tempo varying constantly as we danced

As always, I'm looking forward to next week, and to the rest of the term.


Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
July 27, 2017