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Class 7 term 1

Victory, with Brando Gentile!

  • (La Figlia di Guglielmino, Il Canario - Katherine and David only)
  • Heart's Ease, at various speeds
  • Rufty Tufty, with our eyes closed, of course
  • Parson's Farewell, at various speeds
  • Bizzaria d'Amore - this one is settled now - can do it successfully without a walk-through
  • Brando Gentile - worked through the final few sections, danced it several times all the way through
  • New Almain
  • Queen's Almain
  • Heart's Ease - with our eyes closed this time
  • Parson's Farewell

The bulk of the evening was spent on Brando Gentile. It's going well indeed.


Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
March 23, 2017