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Dance Classes, March-May 2015

This semester's classes begin on Thursday March 12th, from 7:30pm, in the Avondale Lions Hall.


Avondale Lions Hall
1630 Great North Road
Corner of Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road.

There is parking behind the building: turn into the carpark from Great North Road.

There is a bus stop at 1666 Great North Road, used by routes 113, 115, 135, 136, 153, 154, N13.
There are North-bound and South-bound bus-stops on both Great North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road within about 100m of the hall.

Come in by the back door - from the car-park and up the ramp

The venue has a small kitchen and urn. Feel free to bring a tea-bag or three, or a snack. The water is potable, and there are glasses, plates, etc.

Dates and Times

I will be running a dance class from 7:30 to 9:30pm every Thursday until the end of May (except April 30th). Then I'll take a short break, and consider whether to re-book the venue for the second half of the year.


$10 per class

Prices may change in the second half of the year

Class content


7:30-8:30 - Open Class

I teach to include everyone present, no matter your level of experience or skill. All are welcome, no special skills, special shoes, special clothes nor partner needed. 

In the next few months I'm planning to focus on:

  • The Old Measures - simple English dances from the 16th and 17th centuries. The Ildhafn Instrumental Ensemble is also working on these, so we may have live music at some point.
  • 15th century Italian dances - exactly what we do will depend on who's present. I'd like to broaden our repertoire, keep working on the new dances we tried last year, and add some more.
  • Gresley MS - English dances from c. 1500. Lets add some more!

8:40-9:30 - Advanced Class

At 8:30 we take a short break, then until 9:30 it's a more advanced class.

Most of the time, everyone is welcome to watch, and to participate if they feel like a challenge ... but it's aimed at the most experienced dancers (some of whom have been doing this for many years). Sometimes it will be a reconstruction session (for my benefit) or a rehearsal for Capriol (my semi-professional performance troupe).

For the next few months I'm planning to focus on

  • improvisation skills
  • details of 15th C Italian technique
  • ???

There's no extra charge for the advanced class, but I do expect you to attend the open/beginner class too.


From time to time one of my more experienced students will take a class on my behalf, if I am travelling, or unwell. On the rare occasions that a class has is cancelled, I post a notice here. I also endeavour to contact regular attendees directly.

I very much appreciate it if my regular students can let me know if they're not coming; and irregular students if they are. The more information you can give me, and the more warning, the better I can tailor classes to you.

You can contact me by email, or on 0272 282 977.