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Rehearsal, Thursday July 10th


Katherine, David, Nadia, Shannon


  • Chiara Stella
  • Lo Spangoletto (Katherine substituting for Angela)
  • Ballo del Fiore (focus on 3-person)
  • Celeste Giglio (canario only)

Chiara Stella

Start with Nadia's back to audience, Shannon facing them. End first verse after 3/4 circle, with Nadia's back to organ, Shannon's to piano. Continue about there for rest of dance.

Work on

  • heels to ground in riprese (maybe practice at home with slower dances?)
  • feet to stay side-by-side in trabuchetti
  • precision/spacing in solos (look at next week)
  • small, tight steps
  • fitness/repeatability

Lo Spagnoletto

Start with David and Shannon closest to audience, Nadia directly behind David, Angela directly behind Shannon. After first verse, should end slightly "off square" with Nadia's back not quite to audience, not obscuring Shannon; and David and Ange a little offset. Continues to move with each verse. Try to maintain that "not quite square-on to audience" orientation, while keeping dance central on the stage, and square (in relation to other dancers)

Work on

  • similar movement in riprese in sottopiede in first chorus (in line in front of mirror?); mostly that means make it "step, kick, step, kick", not "kick, kick", and imitate Katherines
  • next time, similarly work on keeping style alike in
    • second chorus, esp backwards steps
    • riverenze, esp at end, use of hands, etc

Ballo del Fiore

Most of our focus was on the three-person section.

Aligned somewhat diagonally on stage: Nadia and Shannon somewhat facing audience, not blocking one another; David with his back slightly to audience.

Work on:

  • pair of seguiti coming together before the circling are triangular, not linear: draw all three dancers into "cascarda range"
  • Katherine and David to work on pleasing/consistent ornament 

Celeste Giglio - canario

  • Increasing intensity through canarii at start - sense of competition. 
  • Not too fast in puntate-riverenze
  • Final Riverenza: eye contact directed to partner for 1-2, turning during 3, audience for 4.