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Winter Warm-up, 2015

Performance date: 
Saturday, August 8, 2015 - 18:00 to 22:00

The Winter Warmup is an annual gathering of dance groups run by the Ruritanian Society and hosted by the Danish Club. Capriol has performed there several times.

From Colleen:

We are hoping you and your group are able to join us on Saturday 8  August 2015 at our usual venue of Danish House, 6 Rockridge Avenue, Penrose.

To be sure we fit in the number and range of groups interested, the time allotment for each group this year will again be 12 minutes. 12 minutes is
to cover coming onto the floor/  performance/participation/leaving the floor.  We know you all  appreciate how necessary timing is for the evening
to keep up a lively pace, and not run late.

The combination of performance and participation with this ideal audience, our fellow-dancers, is very special, and we all value it.  On the performance side it has developed into a happy opportunity for each group to excel itself, to everyone's fresh pleasure every year!  So despite the time constraints, we are sticking with the recipe.  Having one or two items that are participation-only doesn't spoil it, and those groups or leaders who can't mount a performance are welcome to be part of it.  However, the converse, performance-only, would go against the spirit of the gathering. We organizers would consider an application from anyone who needed to offer
performance-only, but we would have a decision to make over it.

Please let us have your replies to this invitation as soon as you can, and advise by Friday 17 May which of the following 3 time brackets you  prefer,
as we will do our very best to make a schedule that suits  everyone:-

 6.30pm to 7.40pm
 750pm to 9.00pm
 9.10pm to 10.00pm

We  welcome your friends and families to share in this extravaganza of colour and fun with us - make it an evening for the whole family and  for
your club members who don't happen to be in the team. They can  enjoy from the sidelines or dance with us during the participation  dances.  Please all
plan to come for the whole merry evening.

As always, there will be light dinner dishes available to buy throughout the evening, and the bar will be open.

Looking forward to your company, your latest beautiful presentations,  and the fun you will involve the rest of us in,

Greetings from Colleen and Rae, Finn and Pam of the Ruritanian and Danish groups