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Somervell Church Daytime Concert Series


Katherine, David, Angela, Shannon, Nadia.

Patrick managed the sounds system, and Nicola was our photographer - many thanks to both of you.

Performance date: 
Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 11:00

A 20 minute item as part of Somervell Church's morning concert series. The concert was from 11am to noon on the 5th of May, and we were the second of three groups to perform, the others being a Chamber Ensemble and John Carter on the organ.

There's a write-up on the Ildhafn website here, and photographs here.

We had not performed here before, so it was an exciting experience, and definitely one we'd like to repeat.

  1. Pinagay Bransle (all dancers, entrance)
  2. Contentezza d'Amore (David, Katherine)
  3. Bella Gioiosa (Angela, Shannon, Nadia)
  4. La Nizzarda (David, Katherine)
  5. Petit Riens (Nadia, Angela, Shannon)
  6. Chiara Stella (David & Katherine, Shannon & Nadia)
  7. Charlotte (all, exit)

This made for somewhat more than 13 minutes of dancing. Allowing time for entrances and exits, and for me to talk a little between items, this made for a comfortable 20-minute performance.