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Canario: Simple mutanza, by Angela

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
As many as will
About this choreography: 
Angela Wells. A mutanza created and taught as part of an improvisation game in class, using "canary lucky dip" cards.

Advance: 2 stamps on each foot, 4 stamped steps

1     2 stamps on the left, raising the knee high for each, in front

2     same again, on the right

3-4     4 stamped steps, advancing, LRLR


Do this four times, advancing.


Retreat: 2 slow stamps, then 3 fast; then ripresa and trabuchetti

1    stamp backwards on the left

2    stamp backwards on the right

3-4 stamp backwards three times, left right left

5-8     repeat 1-4, starting on the right

9-12   3 ripresa flankingly backwards to the left, trabuchetto left

13-16  repeat 9-12 flankingly backwards to the right


The advance takes one strain and the retreat a second strain.


This takes two repetitions of Negri's canario music.