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Canario: Mutanza without stamps

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
As many as will
About this choreography: 
Katherine Davies, 2015. A simple mutanza that doesn't (or needn't) include any stamping.

Advance: 4 slow steps, 2 riprese minuite

1-2    step, left foot

3-4    step, right foot

5-6    step, left foot

7-8    step, right foot

9-12  ripresa minuta left

13-16 ripresa minuta right

Retreat: scorsi in a figure eight, 3 ripresa and trabuchetto backwards, twice

1-4      seguito scorso in a circle turning to the left, ending in a small meza riverenza

5-8      seguito scorso in a circle turning to the right

9-12    3 ripresa left, trabuchetto left, diagonally backwards

13-16  3 ripresa right, trabuchetto right, diagonally backwards 


This takes two repetitions of Negri's canario music: one to advance and one to retreat.