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Canario mutanza 1 - Zoom class, 2020

Number of tempi: 
About this reconstruction: 

2020, for Zoom dance class


8 seguiti battuti - LRLR....
4 passi - LRLR

(this takes one strain of Canary music)

Repeat the same advance and retreat - this takes the second strain of Canary music.

You can advance directly forwards both times, or you could advance to the left first, and to the right the second time, making a "V" shape.

Condensed version, for calling: 

8 battuti, alternating sides ...

left toe step
right toe step
left toe step
right toe step
right.. and back on the

back right...
back left...
back right...
...and pause

repeat: battuti forwards, left right...


You can advance and retreat only once, making a shorter mutanza. Doubling makes it the same length as others we've practised in these sessions.

The shorter version is the First Mutanza in Il Canario in Caroso's 1581 manual, Il Ballarino.

Both elements - the advance and the retreat - also appear in the Woman's First Mutanza in Negri's Canary of 1602 (along with some other parts).