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Capriola terza (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 99. Capriola terza. p90.

To do the Capriola terza, take two tall chairs, or other things where you can lean, and put yourself between these chairs, as you see in the figure opposite, placing yourself with one hand on each chair, and holding the left foot behind, in passo naturale, as you see in the figure. Lift yourself from the ground by the strength of your arms, and of your legs, holding your body and your legs straight. And rising from the ground, as I said, you thrust the left foot forwards, then return the right foot to the front and the left behind, so that the left toes arrive at the right heel. That done, thrust the left forwards and the right behind, and land gracefully on the ground on the toes. This can also be done per contrario, and it is so called because one passes three times, and I wish that it shall have the name Capriola, from the leaping of the deer [Capriolo].