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Capriole of various sorts (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 36. Capriole in terzo, in quarto, in quinto, spezzate in aria, & intrecciate. p12v.
Translation of name: 
Caprioles in three, four and five, broken in the air, and braided

The Capriole in terzo [caprioles in three] are easily learned by resting the hands on a chair, or on two trestles, holding the left foot in front of the right so that the left heel comes to the toes of the right. Then lift yourself up by the strength of your arms, which, together with the legs, remain straight, and pass first the right and then the left, and make this pass three times, as quickly as you can, and rest at last with the left behind, allowing yourself to land lightly on the toes.

The Capriole in quarto, and in quinto [caprioles in four and five], are done in the same manner, except that the legs are passed four times in that in quarto, and the last time the right foot stays behind, and in that in quinto they are passed five times, extremely quickly, and you come to rest with the left foot behind, allowing yourself to fall lightly on the toes, as I said above. By practising this way you will easily learn how to do them without leaning on anything.

The Capriole spezzate in aria [broken caprioles in the air] are done standing as I said, with the left foot in front of the right. You raise the left foot and immediately lower it, and raise the right, and draw it quickly back somewhat, and immediately thrust it forwards again. Then lower the right, and do the same again with the left, carrying your body as straight as you can. And because these Capriole spezzate come to rest in this incomplete fashion, lift yourself [into the air] at the end to do a Capriola in quarto, at the end of which land lightly on the toes, as above, with the left foot in front, in prospettiva, as you were when you began.

The Capriola intrecciata [braided, or interlaced caprioles]: standing the same way, and leaning on the arms in order to learn better, lift yourself from the ground and pass the right quickly, crossing it over the left, then separate the feet somewhat, cross the left foot over the right, and allow yourself to fall lightly on the toes, with the right foot behind, and give grace to each landing [cadenza] by separating the knees a little.