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Capriola quarta sù'l Collo del Piede (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 106. Capriola quarta sù'l Collo del Piede. p95.
Translation of name: 
Capriol in four upon the instep

Beginning with the left foot behind, in passo naturale, jump up, and in jumping, thrust the left forwards and draw the right back, and at the same time cross the left over the instep of the right foot, so that the left heel passes the right toes, as is seen in the figure, and press [stingendo - for stringendo?] the legs together, touching the left calf to the right shin. Then open the legs and return again to touch the left calf to the right shin, then opening and uncrossing the legs draw the left back, and thrust the right forwards, and land lightly on the ground up on the toes, in passo naturale. It is called this because you pass twice, and cross twice up on the instep.