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Capriola intrecciata (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 108. Capriola intrecciata, o vero Incrocciata. p97
Translation of name: 
Braided or crossed Capriol

Beginning with the feet even, and about a palm apart, as is seen in the figure, jump up, and in jumping cross the left in front of the right, and the right behind the left, so much that the left heel passes the right toes, then uncrossing and opening the legs a little, return anew to cross the right in front of the left, and the left leg behind the right, and, that done, you uncross them and land on the ground in the same place from which you jumped up, and land with your feet even. This can also be done per contrario. Note that in the beginning of this capriola you have to separate the knees, and hold the legs straight, and lower yourself a little. This can be done beginning with the left foot behind, or else in front. It is so called because you cross the legs.