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Capriole of various sorts (Lutii)

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And first I will tell you about the various styles of Capriola, those that are done straight, and those that are done reversed.

In all of these, when you wish to do a beautiful Capriola, you put toes of the right foot behind the heel of the left foot. And lifting yourself from the ground, first the right foot goes in front, making a good pass, and one lands on the toes, and you can do it in the same way with the left foot, putting it behind the right foot.

The Capriola doppia [double capriol] ought indeed to have four passes. Lifting yourself from the ground (as I said above) you must pass the legs pass four times, with speed, and hold the legs straight and well extended, and coming to land with the feet just near the place from which you rose.

This other one which follows is a very beautiful and very difficult Capriola, which is called a capriola in crociata [crossed capriol]. Do two passi forwards [?] and with speed and put the feet on the ground unevenly [disparte], and lift yourself into the air, passing the legs forwards and backwards in croce [in a cross, crossed] and return to land with grace where you jumped from.