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Contrapasso for two, canaries, galliards

We've been doing the Contrapasso Nuovo for six from Il Ballarino; tonight we started looking at the Contrapasso for two from Il Ballarino. They're very similar in structure, and we've concluded that knowing both makes it easier to remember both: bits that seem arbitrary in one make sense in the other.

  • Contrapasso for two, from Il Ballarino
  • Contrapasso Nuovo for six, from Il Ballarino
  • La Castellana
  • Gelosia
  • Colonesse
  • Galliard - put on the music, free practice for 5+ minutes
  • Canaries - we each put together a variation (using the cards), practiced it, then took turns performing it, then having the group try to imitate it together
Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
November 12, 2015