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Canaries and Fiamma d'Amore


  • Canaries
  • La Castellana
  • Fiamma d'amore
  • assorted other simpler favourites

We revised La Castellana and learned Fiamma d'Amore for the first time (well, the first time in many years). Fiamma d'Amore went well, though most of us find the puntate in balzetto in the chorus a little awkward at first. 

Canaries were the victory of the evening!

We practiced a series of variations; some familiar, on new stampless variation I put together (thanks for the suggestion, Nadia), and one composed using the cards by Wendy (thanks Wendy!).

Then: a full-length, improvised canary. We agreed on a set length and structure, so that all four couples would be at the same stage in the dance throughout. Other than that, all eight people improvised four lovely mutanze, and all four couples danced unique and very pleasing dances (over 8 minutes long, at that!). WELL DONE!


Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
October 8, 2015