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Canaries, Castellana and Alba Novella

We started with canaries tonight. Instead of learning a new variation, we used "canary cards" to create lucky-dip variations: I've written the four-bar (1/4 strain) units that make up the mutanze and ritirate we've been learning onto cards; someone takes 1-4 cards from each set, and uses them to make a variation, then teaches it to the rest of us. 

We spent much of the evening working on the cascarda La Castellana and the balletto Alba Novella. We've now all done all of each, including the sciolta of Alba Novella.

Around those, we're doing some easier old favourites (e.g. Anello, Colonesse, Black Almain, Madam Cecilia's Pavin) to start and finish.

Two weeks into our skipping competition!

Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
October 1, 2015