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Pungente Dardo (Nobilta)

Title translation: 
Stinging Dart
Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
About this choreography: 
2012. This was reconstructed quickly, from Sutton's translation, with reference to my reconstruction of the Il Ballarino version, but without reference to the original text or music, and without testing.

A couple stand facing, not holding hands but close enough to take hands easily.

First verse:

honour, change places and return

  • 1-4 Riverenza L
  • 5-8 2 Continenze LR
  • 9-12 take right hands, changes places with 2 Passi LR and a Seguito breve L
  • 13-16 take left hands, return to place with 2 Passi RL and a Seguito breve R


in this instance done facing, not holding hands

1-2 2 Spezzati LR, turning left and separating a little

3-4 3 Destice L, with left hip in

5-8 2 Continenze R, Finto L

9-16 repeat chorus on other side

Second verse:

take ordinary hands, walk forwards

1-8 4 Seguiti breve LRLR, walking down the room together
9-12 2 Puntate LR
13-16 2 Seguiti breve, LR


This instance appears to be done side by side, still holding hands.1

1-2 2 Spezzati LR, forwards

3-4 3 Destice L, with left hip forwards

5-8 2 Continenze R, Finto L

9-16 repeat chorus on other side


Third verse:

take both hands, change places

1-4 take both hands, change places with 2 Seguiti brevi, LR, passing right shoulders

- drop hands, bend both knees as in a meza riverenza -

5-8 turn to left with 2 Seguiti brevi LR, ending facing and a little separate

9-12 2 Puntate forwards LR, facing

13-16 2 Seguiti ordinarii LR flankingly forwards - you will briefly come very close

Chorus - as in the first verse


Fourth verse:

As in verse three, but taking both hands to return to place, passing right shoulders (and possibly on the right foot?).

Chorus - as in the first and third verses


Sciolta as a saltarello

1-4 2 Seguiti brevi turning left (in place, or beginning to change places?)

5-8 2 passi, saffice with left hip in, changing places

9-16 repeat 1-8 on right, returning to place

1-4 4 Spezzato puntato L to left, meza riverenza R

5-8 Spezzato puntato R to right, meza riverenza L

9-12 2 Saffici, LR

13-14 3 Fioretti LR forwards

15-16 2 Trabuchetti LR

1-2 Groppo L (flankingly forwards?)

3-4 2 Fioretti  (flankingly forwards?)

5-6 2 passi LR flankingly forwards

7-8 Saffice L flankingly forwards

9-16 repeat 1-8 on right

1-4 2 Spezzati LR forwards

5-8 2 Saffice LR forwards

take hands (which hands? both? - "in the usual courteous manner")

1-4 2 passi backwards (length?)

 5-8 Riverenza breve L


A rather pretty dance, though I prefer the version in Il Ballarino, especially the chase-figure in the chorus.

This sciolta is longer than that in Il Ballarino.

1. It is possible that he intends us to drop hands and perform the spezzati turning, as above, but he doesn't explicitly say so.