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Furioso (Ballarino)

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Katherine Davies, 2016



Anonymous balletto, danced by six.

At the beginning three ladies will stand at one end of the hall, in a line (per filo), and three men at the other end, likewise in a line; then, facing, they will all do the riverenza grave together with the left, and two continenze. Then the man and the lady who find themselves in the middle will lead the dance, doing two seguiti ordinarii forwards, and at the end of these seguiti, bending their knees a little in the manner of a  meza riverenza, they will touch right hands, then exchanging places they will do another two seguiti scorsi. Then the man will be between the other two ladies, and the lady will be between the other two men, so that they will both be facing each other. The the other two men and the other two ladies all together do the same things following on. Then when they are all in a line again they will do the catena (chain - i.e a hey) in this way: the men will turn to the right hand, doing four seguiti scorsi, and the ladies, per contrario (on/to the contrary side, n) to the left side: then at the end of the time, she who stands to the left will go into the middle, and the men will do this per contrario, he who stands at the right hand going into the middle; doing it in this way so that each time each man finds himself with his own lady, which would not have happened if at the beginning of the hey everyone had turned to the left hand, as was the custom previously in this dance.

[Hassi] yet to note, that each one who finds himself in the middle, is given his own time, in which he will do as the first, and always exchange places; and at the end of all three times each one will fine himself as he was at the beginning.

The sciolta of the tune.

When each one has done his own time, and those who lead the dance have returned to the middle, all together will do the riverenza grave and two continenze, beginnging with the left foot.

Then those who find themselves in the middle will begin the catena (i.e. hey) per lungo alla sala (by the length of the room), that is in twice through the music, first taking the right hand, and the the left, of she one who is to the left hand: then giving anew the right ahnd to the one who stands to the right hand; and the ladies will do just so much as the men: then when they find themselves at the end of the room, they will turn around to the left, and taking the right hand again which they will have released another time; they will give the left hand to the other companion, until they all reach their own places where they were at the start, that is, he who leads the dance will stop in the middle and those who here to the left will stop near by the one who leads, in their places, putting themselves to the left, then the last ones will stop to the right likewise in their places, the which the ladies will do equally.

Variation of the tune

All together they will do the riverenza grave and the two seguiti scorsi taking hands all together in a wheel. Previously it was the custom to do the riverenza grave and the continenze in this part, then then to scurry to take hands. That is wrong, because * [check: sendo] it may not come to pass in time to do the eight riprese, or to do the two, and two trabuchetti.

The sciolta of the tune

The aforementioned riprese and trabuchetti having been done four times, in place of which they can even do eight seguiti spezzati in a wheel, then they will do the turn from the Contrapasso; and in place of that they can even do four seguiti flankingly, two backwards and two forwards.

In the second time through this sciolta they return to take hands and they will do to the right the same eight seguiti spezzati that they will have done to the left, with the same turn from the Contrapasso; or in palce of that the seguiti flankingly backwards and forwards, as above, returning each into his own place in a straight line, where they began to do those said riprese.

Another variation of the tune

In the third time the men alone will do the riverenza grave to the ladies; and then the ladies will do another to the men.

They return to do the sciolta another time

In this final time through the sciolta they all do together two seguiti spezzati turning to the left, and then they do another four, scurrying (scorreranno), each man going to take his own lady by the ordinary hand, that is, he who stands in the middle will take the lady who stands in the middle, facing him; and he who stands at the left will take the lady who he finds at the left, and the last man, she who stands at the right. And in this manner they can finish the dance by doing the riverenza together.