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Leggiadria d'Amore

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About this choreography: 
Reconstructed by Katherine Davies, 2010. I learned a version (Urraca's, I think?) from an article in Letter of Dance many years earlier. I wanted to teach it, couldn't find the article or remember the dance well, so did this quick-and-dirty reconstruction from the facsimile before class.

To begin, two women and a man stand side by side, holding hands, man in the middle.

First verse: honour your partners

1-8 Riverenza L, 2 Continenze LR, drop hands

9-12 2 Seguiti ordinarii LR, turning each in a circle over his own left shoulder

Second verse: passegio

(no mention of taking hands again)

1-8 4 Seguiti ordinarii LRLR; during last seguito each turns in place (over right?)


9 SpezzattoL

10 2 Passi RL

11 Cadenza with R in front

12 2 beats of the Campanella (R foot back, R foot forwards); Trabuchetto a piedi pari with the right shoulder back.

Third Verse: man advances

Man alone:

1-4 2 Seguiti ordinarii LR forwards

5-6 Seguito ordinario L turning to face women

7-8 3 Trabuchetti, RLR, facing women

9-12 All: "Chorus"

Fourth verse: women catch up

Women do as man did in third verse.

Fifth Verse: hey

The man begins the hey.

1-6 hey with 3 scorsi

7-8 3 Trabuchetti facing inwards (in a circle)

9-12 "Chorus"

Sixth Verse: circling

Take hands in a circle

1-4 2 passi, seguito LRL, circling to the left

5-8 2 passi, seguito RLR, circling to the right, drop hands

9-10 2 spezzati flankingly backwards

11-12 2 trabuchetti gravi LR

Seventh Verse: finale

1-6 3 seguiti, LRL, forwards, then backwards, the circling over the left shoulder

7-8 3 Trabuchetti facing

9-12 return to original orientation, in a line, the man turning in place with 2 seguiti ordinarii, the women with 2 scorsi.


Complete the balletto with a graceful riverenza after the music has finished.