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July 2nd

Just four of us tonight, so we weren't able to do Verceppe, as planned. 


Always a favourite warmup.


Ballo for three. Ian, David, Nadia and I reconstructed this one together last year, but we've not returned to it. Reviving it was fun.



We practiced the basic steps, including riprese minute this time. Then two mutanze, then a turning passeggio, and finally swapping mutanze with a partner, beginning and ending each with a turning passeggio. We didn't include the beginning and end of the dance, just an exchange of variations.

Tonight's variations were:

Ly bens Distonys

A pleasant unwinding after our canaries. 

People were playful, so we saw numerous pleasing variations: extra turns and jumps at the end of the separating section, flourishes on coming together, turns under the arm instead of casting.


We do this only rarely. 

Long Pavian

Our first attempt, on a whim. I must look more closely at text and music. We found the dance pleasing, but it didn't follow our music at all closely.


Prenes on Gre

The last two were for fun, not having done them for ages.




Avondale Lions Hall
Class date: 
July 2, 2015