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Canario (Negri): First mutanza for a woman

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
As many as will
About this choreography: 
Katherine Davies, December 2010



1-8       8 seguiti battuti, advancing a little way

9-12     slow ripresa minuta flankingly (forwards?) to the left (4 movements)

13-16   slow ripresa minuta flankingly (forwards?) to the right  (4 movements)

17        -


1-4      seguito scorso (lit. "seguito minute scorrendo") turning in circle to left (10 steps,   meza riverenza)

5-8      seguito scorso turning in a circle to the right



9-16     4 stamped passi backwards 

17        -




This takes two repetitions of Negri's canario music.

About this translation: 

Katherine Davies, Decemember 2010


The Lady does the turning passage, and then eight seguiti battuti going forwards, and two riprese minute per fianco to the left and the right, and one seguito minuto scorrendo turning to the left and she does this another time to the right side, and the ritirata backwards, flankingly, with four passi gravi beating the feet on the ground, then she does the turning passage and the riverenza together.