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Alba Novella

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Number of dancers: 
About this choreography: 
Reconstructed by Katherine Davies, 7/2007

"chorus" is indented; "semi-chorus" (verses 1, 3, 4 only) in italics

First verse: facing, no hands

1-4 Rx

5-8 CC

1-4 :P: forwards, :P: backwards

5-8 2 S flankingly left and right

1-8 4S, turn in contrapasso (mrx in middle, not at end)

1-2 2SP flankingly backwards

3-4 3R, left flank in

5-8 rep SP backwards, RRR rigtht flank in


Second verse: ordinary hands?

1-8 :P: :P: PP S;

1-8 repeat

1-16 drop hands, turn in contrapasso + rest of chorus (facing), as above


Third verse:

1-4 2:P: right hands

5-8 2S countercurl left

1-4 2:P: forwards and backwards

5-8 2S flankingly

1-16, chorus (turns + spezz RRR)


Fourth Verse:

repeat third verse, with left hands, right countercurl



(music works if each section played twice)

1-4 Rx grave facing

5-8 4 SP (3 to pass, one to turn left)

1-2 2 SP flankingly forwards

3-4 3T grave lrl

5-8 another 2 SP flanking forwards, TTT rlr

1-8 turn in contrapasso (ordinarii, each takes 2 SP)

1-8 2Spezzati 3 ripresa, repeat 2SP 3R


ordinary hands for final Riverenza outside music



8:|:8:|:8:|:6 (end of page - should be able to insert final chord) 3- 8:|:8:|:8:|:8:|: