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Cinque Passi (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Book II. Rule 1. Cinque Passi Ordinarii. p157

Beginning with the left foot behind, in passo naturale, you thrust it forwards, and raise it, then do a Zoppetto, and that done, you thrust it a little more forwards, about four inches, and lower it to the ground, in passo naturale, in the time of one battuta ternaria magiore. Then, with the right you give a sottopiede to the left, and raise that left in front, about half a palm, and at the same time allow the right to fall to the ground, and do a passo in aria and raise it in front, and with that right do a cadenza ordinaria. This can also be done per contrario; noting that when I say this (that it can be done per contrario) I mean that what you have done with one foot you can do with the other foot. Note also to stand with the body straight, and the legs well extended, with the feet, that the toes are not too much inwards or outwards, with the arms straight by the sides, the head straight, and with the eyes, . . . [more text]