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Cinque passo (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 30. Cinque Passi in Gagliarda. p11.

Although anciently this was corruptly called the Cinque passi [five steps], not being in effect four steps and the Cadenza, nevertheless following this same rule against my will I show it otherwise, I shall call it by this name of common use: the cinque passi, which are done in this manner: First do a Zoppetto with the right foot on the ground, raising the left in front; then lowering it, raise the right behind; and placing the right toes at the left heel immediately raise the left, which will be lowered into the place where it was first, raise anew the right, but in front. Then lowering it and drawing it back, you do the Cadenza, giving it grace by separating the knees somewhat , resting with the right behind. Then you do the same per contrario, doing the first Zoppetto with the left foot, and raising the right in front. Take care to hold your legs always straight, with the toes low, and the arms lowered, but peacocking yourself to the right side; then that disgusting sight would be to hold yourself always displayed. And in the facing movements of the fingers, and carry the body straight, and the head high.


[old, bad translation - revise heavily]