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Cinque passi soprapiede (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 31. Cinque Passi soprapiede in Gagliarda. p11v.

Raise the left foot first, keeping the body turned a little in prospettiva to the left, thrusting it forwards a little. Then lower it behind, so that the toes join near the right heel, and cross the right al pari to the left, and one or two inches away from it, raising it, you give in the same place a battuta; then give another in hte same place with the rightl at the end then your flatten the left foot, and do in the manner of a sottopiede, raising the right in front, then turning your body somewhat to the right, you do a Zoppetto with the left, then lowering the right foot behind, you follow with the same rule.