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Cinque passi intrecciati (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 32. Cinque Passi intrecciati in Gagliarda. p11v.

In the first beat of the music do a Zoppetto with the left on the ground, crossing the right behind the left. In the second beat do another Zoppetto with the left, crossing the right in front to the left side. In the third beat, doing the third Zoppetto with the left, draw the right back, raising it in a straight line. In the fourth beat, lower the right, in the manner of a sottopiede to the left heel, which will be raised in front somewhat at the same time. And in the fifth and last beat do the Cadenza, landing in the ground with that foot behind, and passing with the right somewhat in front, and follow the same rule per contrario.