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Belriguardo Novo (for two)

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Berighuardo nuovo

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Katherine Davies, March 2015

This is a figured dance for a couple, side by side, holding hands. It's based on the plain processional dance Belriguardo, by Domenico.

Saltarello misura

The musicians will play 12 or 16 tempi in saltarello misura. Dancers do 11 or 15 steps, accordingly. (The sole text for this version of the dance specifies 15).

  • 11 or 15 saltarelli, starting on the left foot, then stop
  • ripresa (R)

Bassadanza misura


These 11 tempi are danced with bassadanza steps in bassadanza misura:

  • man: 2 doppii (LR) going forward
  • woman: 2 doppii (LR) catching up
  • man: 3 contrapassi (LLL), turning towards the woman at the end (finish with weight on left)
  • both: 2 continentie (RL)
  • woman: 3 contrapassi (RRR) catching up to the man (finish with weight on right)
  • 2 riprese (LR) side by side, holding hands as at the start

The following steps, for 8 tempi, are danced in the style of saltarello, though very slowly because the music is bassadanza.

  • take right hands: 2 saltarelli (LR) circling all the way round 
  • 2 ripresa (LR) (facing forwards?)
  • take left hands: 2 saltarelli (LR) circling all the way round 
  • 2 riprese (LR) (facing forwards?)
Processional ending

The following 5 tempi are once again bassadanza steps in bassadanza misura.

Advance together, holding hands, as at the start:

  • 2 sempii (LR) 
  • doppio (L)
  • volta del Gioioso: full turn consisting of: 2 sempii (RL), ripresa R
  • 2 continentie

The whole dance repeats, with the woman "in front" - i.e. leading, perhaps with the couple having swapped sides.



Giovanni Ambrosio (the dance master formerly know as Guglielmo Ebreo) composed this figured variation on Domenico's processional dance for a couple. 

This dance appears in only the one MS, and so seems to have been the least widespread version.

Domenico also composed a Belriguardo novo: that is a figured version for three.



See Belriguardo (for two, by Domenico) for a discussion of the music.