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Volta del Gioioso

Also known as: 
Voltatonda using two sempio and a ripresa
Translation of name: 
The voltadonda from [the dance] Gioioso

The term volta del Gioioso is common amongst modern dancers, but somewhat rarer in our sources, where the step is often described in full as a voltatonda using two sempii starting with the right and then a ripresa right. The name volta del Gioioso presumably derives from the dance Rostiboli Gioioso (El Gioioso in some sources), which appears, from the number of surviving descriptions, to have been as popular in the 15th century as it is amongst modern renaissance dancers.


A complete turn, done in two tempi.

In the first tempo: two sempii, the first with the right foot, the second with the left. This accomplishes most of the rotation.

In the second tempo: a ripresa right. This may take you some way to the right of the place where you began the turn - adjust as fits the specific dance.

I usually perform this turning over my left shoulder, or counterclockwise. That is, in the first step I pass my right foot across in front of my left.