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Translation of name: 
Half turn

This step turns you 180 degrees. It can take a full tempo, or be incorporated into the end of another step, such as a doppio. Mezavolta seem to be most commonly performed turning over your right shoulder (clockwise).

Where a mezavolta takes a full tempo, I first step with my right foot across in front of my left, rising onto my toes, swivel on both feet with my weight on the balls of my feet (more on the right than the left), then lower both heels.

When a meza volta is incorporated into the end of a doppio, I swivel on whichever foot my weight is on at the end of that step, in the vuodo (the space between the last step in one tempo and the first step in the next). Thus a doppio on the right foot, with a mezavolta, would be:

  1. step right
  2. pause
  3. step left
  4. step right
  5. spin on my right foot, heels raised, weight on the ball of the foot (clockwise, over the right shoulder)
  6. finish spin, lower heels