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Also known as: 

Mercancia, Merchanzia, marchanzzia, merchantia

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Number of dancers: 
About this choreography: 
Reconstruction 04/2007.

Initial set-up: X is a woman, A,B,C are men




1. 11 tempi of saltarello, with initial movimento (12 T saltarello)

2. B & C separate with 6 riprese (6 T quadernaria)

3. X mezavolta, from left, looks at B and C (4 T basssadanza)

then A 3 doppii forwards, lrl (or ssdd)

4. C approaches A with ssd, touches R hand

C returns to place with ssd (mv in vuodo), while X VT (4 T bassadanza)

B as C above (4 T bassadanza)

5. A mezavolta from R on right foot (1/2 T bassadanza)

B & C change places (taking hands) with ssd / 2T salt (2 T salt/bassa)

6. A returns with 2 T salt, (beginning with salto?) (2T quadernaria)

he goes to back of X, lesft side, looks 'jokingly'

7. X responds with mezavolta right, while A ripresa right (1/2 T)

8. A touches right hand of X, Riverentia

A passes X on her left, going to place of C (where B started), with ssd

while C goes to dance with A (with ssd); b stays still (or ? X B VT)

(4T bassadanza)