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Passamezzo booklet

I've made a booklet of instructions for Caroso's Passamezzo:

I wanted something that would:

  • be small enough to hold in my hand while dancing
  • not look out-of-place at a re-enactment event
  • be clear enough to read really quickly: something I could read and call from while dancing

So now I have something that looks roughly like a tiny renaissance booklet, with a very basic vellum binding (actually cardboard fake-vellum: real vellum is too expensive for this project for now). They are about 8x11cm, and have 28 pages of instructions. Each mutanza or passeggio has a page to itself - men on the left, women on the right - so you can dance your way through the booklet with a page for each repeat of the tune.

I'm really happy with how this works in class - so much so that I'm really eager to have similar books for other dances. I put a lot of effort into formatting it to get in as much information as I could while keeping the essentials clear and uncluttered. If you use one, I'd appreciate feedback on how well this is working for you.

I'll be selling these during my passamezzo classes at festival, for $5.