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Cambio, or Scambiata (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 37. Cambio, or Scambiata. p13
Translation of name: 

Caroso himself almost invariably uses the term Scambiata in his choreographies.


The Cambio, or if you prefer it the Scambiata, is done finding yourself with even feet. Move the left foot, and thrust it in so far in front of the right that the heel of that [left] stands almost directly at the toes of the right; but separated from it by half a palm [laterally], holding the left foot flat on the ground, and the leg extended. Then move the right foot, crossing it around the left, with the toes of the right attached to the outside of the heel of the left. Then lift the left foot three inches up from the ground, and having thrust it forwards in a straight line another three inches from the toes of the right, bring it back behind, it does [pa reggiarlo -hold?] to the right: and all at one time lower/bend the knees a little and spread them out somewhat, and finish gracefully with a Balzetto with even feet.