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Reverenza grave, alla Spagniuola (Santucci)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 206. Reverenza grave, alla Spagniuola. (p149)
Translation of name: 
Slow reverence, in the Spanish style

The Reverenza grave is done in eight perfect ternary beats of Music, holding the body and the legs well extended, with the left foot in front, in passo naturale, one foot about half a palm from the other, with the toes of the foot [turned] a little to the outside, but as we know not so much that one foot goes looking . . . and the other to Ponente, that is, having the feet, and the legs crooked. Draw back the said left, and do a passo naturale strisciato backwards, in the time of two beats, and in the first of the sonata, then separate the knees a little, as is seen in the figure, and raise both the heels somewhat, in the time of the fourth beat, and on another two beats, raise yourself and return with the left equal with the right. It is called so because it is done in the time of a grave, and it is said that it was brought into Italy from Spain.