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Riverenza in balzetto (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 4. Della Riverenza semiminima in Balzetto fatta alle Cascarde.
Translation of name: 
Riverenza [in the time of a] semiminim [crotchet] with a balzetto, as done in cascarde

This rule is curious because he explains how to do the Riverenza seminimima in balzetto, tells you it's not really a riverenza, and then tells you not to use it. It's perhaps a clue about a variant (possibly older) practice in performing cascarde that Caroso recorded, but didn't entirely approve.

The only time the term Riverenza in balzetto crops up in Il Ballarino is at the beginning of the cascarda Bella Gioiosa (faranno la Riverenza in balzetto, come s'usa alla Cascarde - they will do the Riverenza in balzetto, as is done in Cascarde). Riverenza semiminima is never used again.


This Riverenza Semiminima, which the ancients used to do in cascarde [ne i Balli alle Cascarde] by standing in the beginning with feet together, allowing two beats to pass, then raising left foot somewhat in front, returning to even feet, then raising them both somewhat, in the manner of a balzetto, landing at the end of the fourth beat. And because this action is done in a half-minim, it asks a semiminima. But in my judgement, because this lands on even feet it appears more like the Cadenza than the Riverenza. Indeed, hereafter I will call this action truly the Cadenza alle Cascarde. Now in beginning this Riverenza, I exhort you to do it in this manner, that is as in the Riverenza minima mentioned above; that thus it shall come to be most beautiful and correct.