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Fioretto battuto (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 29. Fioretto battuto al Canario. (p10v)


Note that this appears to be quite a different step to the fioretto ordinario.


Raise the left foot in front, separate from the right [laterally] and above it four and five inches, and all the same time do a Zoppetto with the right. Then lowering it to the same place where it was found raised, give four quick stamps/beats with the toes, the first with the same foot which just lowered, the second with the right, the third with the left, and the last with the right, also raising the left. Lowering which [left] then by the middle of the right foot, immediately raise the right with the same distance and height that the left first had. Then lowering it, give another four stamps, remaining at the end with the right raised, as the left was above. And these two Fioretto are done one with the left than the other with the right, and they are in the time of four battute Minime of the music.