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Fioretto ordinario (Ballarino)

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Rule 26. Fioretto ordinario. p10

The Fioretto ordinario is done by lifting the left foot, and thrusting it in front of the right so that the left heel is about two inches from the right toes, but one inch away from it [laterally], and two inches high, with the knees straight. Then at the same time raise yourself [into the air] somewhat, doing a Balzetto, and finding yourself with the left foot where it was first, and with the right in front so that the heel is near the left toes, and about two inches away from it [laterally], and on the toes. Then, lifting the left foot, put it in place of the right foot, which you will raise, as you did the left at the beginning of this Fioretto, and follow the same rule that you kept with the left.
Others (except? also? - altro), when in finishing the Fioretto ordinario, lifting the left foot, ought to put it in place of the right, having raised that somewhat in front, as I said above, put it even with the right/equalise with the right, and finish it in this manner, and also/furthermore it may seem that this can be seemly, but nevertheless the first way is more pleasing: it adorns the body more, by going with agility on the toes, than cayying them flat on the ground.
Each of these Fioretti takes the time of one minim beat.

The time for each of these Fioretti is one battuta minima.