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Fioretto a piedi pari (Ballarino)

Full name of step in source: 
Rule 28. Fioretto a piedi pari per fianco. (p10v)

Note that this appears to be quite a different step to the fioretto ordinario.


Standing with the body straight, and with the legs straight, lift the left foot a little per fianco, one palm away from the right. Then, returning it to where it first was, that is, two inches away from the other foot [laterally], with the toes even, stamp with the toes of that same foot, then stamp again with the toes of the right, and again with the toes of the left, raising the right at the same time. Then, separating it from the left per fianco, do the same actions that were first done with the left. Then begin another time with the left, and then with the right, one after the other.