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Also known as: 

Turquylonye le basse, the turcke loene, Tarquelone, Turky Lonye, Treky Lorny

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
couples, as many as will

Wait through the first section of the music (long enough to do the "B" part of the dance).

A. Do this four times

  • double forwards (left foot), then
  • double backwards (right foot)

B. Then do this twice

  • single sideways to the left, single sideways to the right
  • double forwards
  • single sideways to the right, single sideways to the left
  • double backwards

A. Then repeat A (i.e double forwards and backwards four times)

If the music plays more than twice, keep alternating A and B.


The tune is also called "The Goddess of Love" (amongst other things). 

If waiting through the first section is troublesome, you can start dancing the B part of the dance, as soon as the music starts.