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Old Alman

Also known as: 

The old alhnayne, the ould Allman, The ould Almaine, The oulde almane, The old Ahnayne, The old Almane a round measure, the Old Almayne

Dance Type: 
Number of dancers: 
couples, as many as will

Wait through the first strain of the music

A. Take both hands with your partner, facing them, and circle round each other with

  • clockwise (to the right)
    • single left
    • single right
    • double left
  • then anticlockwise (to the left)
    • single right
    • single left
    • double right

B. Face forwards, take "ordinary" hands. 

  • four doubles forwards (left, right, left, right)

A. Repeat A.

If the music keeps playing, keep alternating A and B.